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I've been doing research about personalized videos and I am happy to share the fruits of my research with you here. There are links below the infographic to case studies and articles you will find helpful when you are making a decision about deploying personalized video into your marketing and advertising campaigns.

 ~ Frances Flynn Thorsen

Personalized home tours feature your viewer's name embedded in the video. You can see an example here that I created.

"The campaign lasted for approximately 2 weeks. CEA Homes sold 26 homes, 6 of which were directly attributed to the Personalization Campaign, being they had not been previously worked by a sales agent.


"Compared to a historical average of 8 homes sold, during the Personalization Campaign, CEA sold 3X more homes."


This is a very compelling case study.


This is a more general treatise about marketing personalization. People in travel and hospitality reveal stronger engagement and higher conversion rates when they launch personalized video campaigns. Real estate early adopters are just starting to get their feet wet! Let me know if you want to dip your toe into the water.

Research can be time consuming ... I am happy to share some of the links to resources you can read at your leisure.




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